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danharp 300I have played Celtic harp since 1980.  I combine a Celtic and Medieval repertoire with original and other fun songs.  I played harp and guitar in the band Ceoltóirí with Sue Richards and Rebecca Lee Finster.

I played a variety of instruments (including guitar, banjo, clavichord, and - of course - harp) in the Madison Wisconsin-based Irish band, Lughnasa with John Kraniak and Allison Bush.

I also played Celtic harp in the Ithaca based Crossáin with John Beatty.

I have released four solo albums  as well as a harp and flute album, ‘In Midnight’s Silence’, with Lisa Craig Fenwick, and I have played th folk harp on a number of other albums.

Lately I have been making harp videos, some from my serious repertoire, and some funny ones.  Some of the video songs are also on my newest albums, ‘Harps in Space’ and ‘The Fun Stuff’.

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