I love Celtic harp.  I combine a Celtic and Medieval repertoire with original and other fun songs.  Lately I have been making harp videos, some from my serious repertoire, and some funny ones.  Some of the video songs are on my newest album, ‘The Fun Stuff’.

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This is exciting

‘Celestial Employment’ was nominated for a 2020 ‘Best of the Web’ award.  It came in 4th and it’s very cool that a harp video wais in the running!

Celestial Employment is on my album, “The Fun Stuff"

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I make these videos for the fun of it, but there is some expense involved in making them. Tipping (click on the tip jar) is not expected, but is much appreciated.

Dan With Dusty Strings Harp square

The Twa Corbies

Christ’s Lullabye

Sing along with the Cheese...

Cheese1 edited-1

The traditional Celtic harp repertoire is wonderful and sometimes haunting, but sometimes you just want to let it rip with a good old music hall song.

Oh! That Gorgonzola Cheese is on my album, “The Fun Stuff"

The Way to a Man’s Harp is on my album, “The Fun Stuff"

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